Monday, September 27, 2010

Annie & Mike - Wedding

You know the day is going to be fun when you come back with a photo like this of Annie and Mike. These two, as well as their family and friends are all amazing and wonderful people - and sooo funny! The whole day was a riot! Enjoy and preview photos and remember to click here to register to be notified when all the images are available to view.

Our flower girl getting her jewelry finished up.

She had other ideas... "Let's try the necklace as a hair band mom! Trust me, it could work...!"

Leave it to Annie to show her how to do it. The headpiece goes on the head silly!

Here is one of Annie's friends attempting to do her makup. I say "attempting" because apparently it is hard to do makeup when the bride can't stop laughing! And I'm pretty sure the Red Bull that they were drinking wasn't helping with the keeping still.

See - impossible to keep a straight face!

How are we supposed to get this done?!!!?!?! Come-on!!!

I must say, the results were just stunning. Annie looks breathtaking!

The moment of truth.

And Mike likes what he sees!

A beautiful view of the church.

Little girls love weddings....and I love this picture. It's one of my favorites!


Our lovely wedding party, complete with children looking their best.

What a bunch of cuties! (yes Mike, you too...yeesh!)

Our heroes!

The architecture of the building lends itself so well to this photo treatment.

A gallant gentleman!

Very sweet.

Here is our "serious" picture of the girls. The "serious" moment lasted about .4 seconds!

We have more pictures of everyone cracking up then anything else! So much fun!!!

Zee lovely ladies...

There are still gentlemen in the world. Thank you for sharing your jacket! It was getting breezy!

Once again our heroes. I always like to imagine that the background is their new house. Nice place!

Annie must be really funny! this one!

I hope everyone enjoyed this preview. The rest of the images and slideshow will be available soon, once the bride and groom have seen them. Remember to register to be the first to know when the images are ready to view! See you soon!

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