Thursday, November 19, 2009

Becky & Joel - Engagement Images

Becky and Joel decided to have their Engagement Photos done at a park they knew about, but I had never been to. It is called Battlefield Park and it is located in Stoney Creek. It is now a historic site with some great buildings (even a watch tower that was used in the battle of Stoney Creek) - which make for awesome photo locations!

These two came full of energy, ready to have fun, and even brought their little dog for some pictures. Let's have a look at the photos!

Are you kidding me?!?! Look at that cute little face! Adorable!

There is the tower. Even though it is very tall, the surrounding trees hide it well. I've driven by the area before and never noticed it. When I was leaving I took another look from the road. You can just see the top level of the tower from the road. A true hidden gem!

This tree lined area was a great spot. Look at the colours in the leaves!

Beautiful light, great people, enjoying being together. I love it!

We found this cool historic house. I love the columns and doorway. Of course, Becky and Joel complete the image perfectly.

Very sweet....awww

Ahhhh! They jumped!

This picture makes me smile.

"Catch me Becky!"

This is probably my favourite picture of the day. It reminds me of days gone by, romantic walks, the scent of leaves in the air, a slight warm's a happy moment, preserved forever in the image.

Thanks for the great session guys! The wedding is going to be amazing! I can't wait!

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