Friday, June 05, 2009

Rebecca & Phil - Engagement

I had a great time with Rebecca and Phil on their engagement session! These two had so much energy! We were down by the water on lake Ontario, and thought it might be cool to venture down to the water. It turns out, that where we decided to go down wasn't the best choice. It was a little steep, muddy and slippery, plus Rebecca didn't have footwear for hiking. Did that stop our hero Phil? Of course not! He grabbed Rebecca and hoisted her onto this shoulders, and proceeded to climb down with her on his back!

We then drove down to a more accessible spot, with a park, a trail along the beach and a pretty little boardwalk. Much easier to walk around here. We found some great spots by the water, went for a stroll down the boardwalk, and even played on the swings and kiddy slides. Phil even did some entertaining flips on the slide! Our laughter was heard echoing around the park, as Phil and Rebecca romped around, snuggling, jumping and trying to "dip" one another.

Thanks for the great time! I'll see you both soon.

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Here is Phil dipping Rebecca. Good form, excellent posture...

And now, Rebecca attempts the dip...

Not quite as successful, but lots of fun that's for sure!

Thanks again for the great time!

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