Friday, June 12, 2009

Canadian Pro Golfer Mike Weir

This past year we had the great pleasure of working with Canadian Pro Golfer Mike Weir. Mike and his team were holding a press conference to announce their new winery Mike Weir Wine, and partnership with Chateau-Des-Charmes winery. We enjoyed a great photo session with Mike at the Chateau, and also had the opportunity to visit the wine cellar and do some portraits there. Mike was great to work with, very professional, and he was even willing to climb on the barrels for a few of the shots.

It was a fantastic day with Mike and his team. Niagara Life Magazine recently did a cover story on Mike, and our photos were used throughout the publication. Here are a few shots of the magazine, as well as some from our shoot and during the press conference. You can also see our work with Mike on his website. Click here to check it out! Enjoy!

A few photos of the magazine.

Here is Mike with the wines by the fireplace at Chateau-des-Charmes.

I love the design on the bottles. Beautiful details.

Mike looking out to the vineyards.

After a quick trip downstairs, we set-up in the barrel room. For this shot, Mike is on one side of the room, and I am on the other, on top of another set of barrels. My assistant Rose was making sure I didn't accidentally fall, or worse, topple the entire stack of barrels! Thanks Rose!

The press conference was ready to go. These seats were reserved for members of Mike's family.

The new partnership of Mike Weir Wine and Chateau-Des-Charmes Wine is about to be announced.

Barry Katzman, President of Mike Weir Wine addressing the crowd. The place was packed, with even the gallery above on the second floor filled with people.

I took a quick look up, and there was Melodie O'Rourke (Director of Sales), hanging out with singer Matt Dusk!

Paul Bosc, of Chateau-des-Charmes, confirms the partnership and talks about the great potential of Mike Wier Wine and the Chateau.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading about this great day. Talk to you all soon!

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