Monday, February 16, 2009

We Don't Rent Pigs

This was the sign on the door as we approached. It appeared the "Pig Renting" was not going to be on the agenda today. So instead we took a few photos. Byran found a couple of models from Las Vegas and we went out for a marathon shoot. The location is just past Nelson, Nevada. Talking to the owner we discovered that it has been used in several movies and tv shows, and apparently Beyonce did a photoshoot there for a magazine a few weeks before we were there. It was a great location and we had an amazing time.

This is the main office / house of the owners. They also give tours of the property, which is located on an old mine.

This is my nemesis. See Bryan's blog for the reason why. Curse you Teddy Bear Cactus!

Bryan, our model Brooklyn, a car and a shovel. What else do you need for a photo?

Sarah and I climbed up into the loft area of one of the buildings.

Sarah once again. I'm loving the shadows.

Sarah working the boots.

I really enjoy how this one turned out.

Then we switched and Brooklyn and I did some shooting.

Bryan showing the results.

"What do we do now?"

We find the inspiration that's what!

Apparently, finding the inspiration means being in a few shots. Very nice Bryan, excellent posture.

Can you see him in this one too? Look closley!

We moved down the road and switched dresses. Bryan was wondering what was taking so long.

Of course, if you find a cave, you've got to check it out.

It was pretty amazing. About a 40 foot decent into the hills. Lots of grafiti too unfoutunatly.

Sarah posing in the caves. That red dress was perfect!

I still don't understand how she climed up here with those boots. That girl is a trouper!

Bryan seemed to be getting a little silly.

Okay, he's back to normal.

And a high five for a job well done. Thanks ladies for the excellent day! We couldn't have done it without you. Well, technically we could have, but no one wants to see a bunch of pictures of Bryan and me posing in those outfits. Trust me, I cannot pull off wearing a wedding dress!

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