Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Vegas time...

We made it in, and I'm super exhausted, but just had to post a few images. Stories to come - check back for more soon.

Okay comment time!

The lovely Bryan enjoying some iphone tv.

Safety first. Always know where the life vest is.

This was right as we got off the plane. Only in Vegas!

Bryan is ever so patient waiting for luggage.

The second we got to our hotel we ran into a couple of friends of ours, who were doing one of the classes and they invited us out for a shoot they were going to. We quickly gave our luggage to the hotel and were off to the Neon Graveyard, a place when the old signs go to die.

The class had models too which was great!

Such a happy couple!

There was just something about these signs that just seemed appropriate for this town.

I absolutely love this one and the next one. It worked perfectly.

Got to love the cane!

The class working with the model.

Here I'm shooting through another photographers arms. There wasn't much room, so sometimes you have to get creative! Just like at a wedding!

Check back for more later. It's been a wild couple of days already!

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