Thursday, February 05, 2009

Michael's surprise birthday party in New York!

Here are some of our favourite shots from Michael's Surprise Party. As we said earlier, it was one of the most unforgettable parties we've been to.

This amazing home was the setting for the party. It was designed by Michael early in his architecture career, and with one look at the house it's clear how talented he is. The homeowners, Kathleen and Duffy, have a wonderful relationship with Michael and Guy. We thought it was so great of them to open their home for the party (especially when their kitchen renovation wasn't complete until the day before!), but after spending time with them we weren't surprised. Their house was so warm and had so many personal touches. We were able to take a tonne of shots of the house, so stay tuned for some of those favourites.

Is this the coolest cake, or what?

The "Michael Hits 40" party theme was inspired by his real-life experience with rented equipment and a stubborn tree stump. I believe Michael won the battle but the equipment damage costs were pretty painful...

I love this reaction shot as he realizes what's going on.

I think when he saw his grandma he probably figured out he wasn't going to a fundraiser that night, as they'd told him.

Michael gave tours of the house to everyone. It was great to hear stories about the design and personal touches throughout the house.

A happy shot of Duffy, Guy, Michael and Kathleen

These two did not stop smiling all night

This is the "don't even get me started" look....

The lovely Erin, Duffy and Kathleen's daughter

How cute is Michael in these shots?

I think Guy is smiling because he's finally done with the party planning!

More smiles all night

It was such a wonderful party with an amazing group of people. We loved meeting all of you, and we can't wait to see everyone again soon.

Chris and Amanda

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Guy said...

Thank you Chris and Amanda. Sometimes you meet people and you know that it's just what is supposed to happen. I'm glad to know that you will both be there for all the major events in our lives.