Friday, May 09, 2008

The Photos that were lost - found again!

The other day I mentioned that I had lost a card on a shoot. It had lots of pictures on it and I was pretty disappointed to have lost it. Bryan and I went back the next day to look for it again. It had rained the night before, and when we got there we noticed that the grass had been freshly cut, so we weren't expecting to find the card, at least not in one piece.

I was amazed when after only a few minutes of looking Bryan announced "found it". He did, and the card was in good shape! I got all the images from it too! Amazing! If anyone is wondering the card was a TwinMOS Untra-X compact flash card, and I totally recomend them, especially if you are going to leave them out overnight, in the rain and a lawn mower is going to run over it!

Here are the some shots from that card. Enjoy!

Here is Libor getting the shot.

Julia was having a great time posing for us all. 

Simply stunning!

I wonder what it felt like to have that many photographers taking pictures of you?

Me, Jessica and a couple of other photogs found a cool tree to pose with.

There is Shawn in the background. He has the same shot of me from the other side too. Except I'm making a weird face...again. My wife always asks me why I do that...and I have no idea.

Libor giving some direction. 

Julia in the grass looking fabulous.

Fantastic eyes!

Jessica was willing to get into the tree for us.

And here is a little pseudo engagement shoot. 

Libor had to come over and have some fun too.

"May I present - Mr. Libor ze photographer extraordinaire!"

And the lovely Sandra. 

Thanks again everyone. Can't wait for our next photographer meeting and shoot!

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