Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Photographers + models = good times

Our photography group had the pleasure of shooting today. We had a whole bunch of photographers come out and spend time with our models, of which we had a whole bunch too!

Everyone had a chance to shoot with different people while networking, talking and helping other photographers. Afterwards we went out for coffee and a quick chat at Williams (love that place!). There were some great comments too! Some photographers said that they had never had the chance to shoot with models before, and others said that they loved just being around other photographers while shooting to see how they work with different situations.

I loved that we had the chance to meet so many new people, and that we were all able to share our skills with each other. I really believe that by helping each other we are helping the whole industry, and all of our clients too, because when we improve, our images improve and our clients get fantastic pictures!

So let's have a look at what our day involved.

This is my new friend Jessica. She was fantastic to work with! Her eyes were singing to me all day. Wow!

And the lovely Sandra, relaxing on the grass. I love her shoes!

It's great that everyone was so great to work with. Here Jessica is lying on the green grass posing for Stacy (see next photo) in her very white dress, doing what ever needs to be done to get the shot - grass stains be damned!

Stacey shooting me shooting her.

Again...those eyes! I love it! And a nice green background too!

And what would eyes be about eyelashes?

Sandra looking lovely on a fallen down tree.

Here we have Carlos in the front and Shawn shooting in behind him.

Mr. Robert Nowell shooting away. I know, I know, you are all thinking modeling looks pretty easy right now.

Here is where Rob got them to go right into the marshy area. Look at the sneaky look on his face...he knows it's wet in there!

Shawn looking ready to spring into action.

So, when you find a snake, what should you never do?

The reaction to the snake.

Photographers have the coolest hats!

A quick lunch and some image reviews.

We all know what's important to these two! Coffees!

Lindsay downloading some images.

Pretty pretty Jessica.

A quick note, if you are drinking make sure you have swallowing down before posing for the photographer.

See! I love her sisters reaction in the background!

So what do you do when the coffees are all done? Why go outside and shoot some more in the parking lot that's what!

Apparently it was attack your twin sister day today.

Bryan in action!

Lindsay working the long lens.

Here is Jessica posing on the drive-thru wall for the coffee house. You really can get great pictures anywhere, you've just got to look for it sometimes.

Even silly faces are okay!

There was a construction job happening in the back parking lot, so we asked the guys working the equipment if we could do some shooting and they said sure, so we had a shoot in the dirt with the equipment!

Bryan was loving it!

Kathy and Lindsay shooting away. I wonder how many pictures we all took that day?

Here is Mitch shooting with his amazing t-shirt. Can you tell what brand of camera he (and I) use?

Jessica was enjoying getting dirty!

So someone through some dirt at her, but she took it in stride.

What a great day! Thanks to everyone who came out, thanks to our models too! We couldn't have done it without you! Our next meeting is going to rock too! Keep an eye out for the next date!

Oh, and on a side note, one of my camera memory cards was lost that day, which wouldn't have been so bad except it had tonnes of images on it. It had fallen out of my bag on the grass. I went back and tried to find it but couldn't. The next day Bryan and I went back to search one more time. It had rained a little, and when we got there we noticed that the grass had been cut too. Things didn't look good for my little memory card. But we were confident and looked anyways. Within 5 minutes Bryan said "found it" and he had! We popped it into a camera and it worked! It had been left overnight in the grass, rained on and run over by a lawn mower, but it still worked! I'll post some images from it soon. There was some really great ones on it and I'm so happy it is found! Thanks Bryan!

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