Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Amanda & Jason - Engagement

I had the pleasure of photographing Amanda and Jason the other day for their Engagement session. It was great getting to know them over the few hours we spent together. 

Enjoy the pictures!

This is how we started. Good material to work with.

A balanced relationship, I like that. 

I think they were considering this for their first home together.

Jason looking oh so good!

And then he demonstrated his modeling. I think this was "the cat!" Rarrwr!

Much better...thanks Amanda!

And now Amanda gets a turn. Very nice!

Now what we have here folks, is an example of what Jason said was "frolicking". It was sort of a skippy hoppy thing going on, which worked well as a montage don't you think?

What a great moment!


We drove for a bit and found one of the last fields with blossoms still on the trees. 

I think they like each other!

There is nothing like a little bit of sunshine and two people in love.

I love the feeling in this one. Beautiful!

Here we found an old restaurant / bar that was for lease. What they are standing on used to be a fountain. I was changing some settings on the camera and looked up to see them being all cute again. 

I'm not sure "cute" is as good a descriptor for this one. 

Literally seconds before this shot, Jason accidentally brushed up against the wall of rocks behind him, and a whole pile of them crashed down to the floor. This shot is Amanda's reaction. 

What's up must come down!

Jason had the belt buckle and they both had on their cowboy boots too! 

I love how into each other they are!

Good ol' cowboy boots! 

And a parting shot. Hey! They aren't kissing! 

I had to get one last one of Amanda without her sunglasses. Doesn't she look fantastic!

And guess who jumped in for one last kiss?

Thanks for the great night guys! I'm looking forward to the wedding!

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