Monday, July 09, 2007


This weekend were so honoured to work with the incredible wedding planner Angelique to shoot Melissa and Sean's 7.7.07 wedding at the White Oaks Resort in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Click here to view a slideshow of what went into creating this amazing wedding.

We were there to capture this wedding from Angelique and her team's perspective, from the days of setting up this grand production to the final details at the end of the night. You may recognize Angelique from the Slice Network's show Rich Bride, Poor Bride. The network calls her "The mother of all wedding planners" and I think it fits perfectly. As you can see in the slideshow she has wisdom, pride and love for all of her couples.

This wedding has been nominated for Wedding of the Year and Angelique has been nominated for Wedding Planner of the Year. It was truly spectacular and the award would be very well deserved. Here are a few of our favourite shots of Angelique and the wedding.

Angelique, Andrea and Laura - Angelique's Weddings and Events

A favourite shot of the Head Table

The candlelight and flowers at the ceremony were breathtaking.

Angelique watching the ceremony from the balcony, looking so happy for Melissa and Sean

I love this shot of Melissa and Sean at the altar. The altar was beautiful with orchids, peonies, roses and candlelight.

This is one of our favourite shots as Sean smiles and Melissa waves her bouquet. Their stunning aisle runner was custom made with their names and the wedding date. We have more shots of it in the slideshow. There's Chris on the altar covering them at another angle.

The reception at White Oaks was unbelievable. This is one of our favourite centerpiece shots. The entire room had the fragrance of peonies and roses.

Their lovely wedding cake was designed by Anna Olson, best known for her shows on the Food Network as well as her business Olson Food and Bakery.

They had so many special touches, including custom lighting for the reception. The colour yellow is special to the couple and the room was lit with yellow throughout the night. The walls were lit from the floor with yellow lights to compliment the candlelight.

Melissa and Sean's first dance was to Yellow by Coldplay. When they danced a custom light show started and the entire room turned yellow. It was really spectacular and I know it meant a lot to the bride and groom.

Angelique loves taking care of her couples and at the end of the night we followed her and her assistants Laura and Richard up to the Bridal Suite. As you can see in these shots they left a beautiful and romantic surprise for the bride and groom.

This is one of my favourite shots. There we so many beautiful shots from this wedding!

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Nem said...

Well done, you two! Photographers for wedding of the year is no mean feat - and it was captured beautifully. Talk about your dream weddings!