Friday, July 13, 2007

Adell & Oleh - Engagement

We had a great engagement shoot the other day with Adell and Oleh. They are from Toronto and thought a trip to High Park would be a good place for pictures and I must say they were right! There were so many great locations!

Adell and Oleh were great fun, even though Oleh admitted at the end of the shoot that he was a little nervous. We got to know them as we worked and by the end of our shoot it felt like we had known them for years. It turns out that High Park was one of the first places they went together as they were getting to know eachother and they make a point to come back every year.

Guys, you did great! We can't wait for the wedding! Check back soon for a slideshow.

What a great moment on the bridge.

The park had a really cool water feature and it worked well for pictures.

All I can say is awwww!

Down by the water. Who knew this place is right in Toronto just off the highway? We've been to Toronto hundreds of times but never to the park.


Anonymous said...

We couldn't wait for the pics to appear and just as we thought, they're amazing! We're both looking forward to the slideshow and know the wedding is going to be another adventure for all! Thanks so much. See you both in October - Adell & Oleh

Anonymous said...

These pictures turned out great! I cant wait until the wedding where all of us get to be around you and have great pictures done. I love the one of Adell and Oleh at the bridge where they are looking at the camera, that one looks gorgeous. Can't wait until the wedding see ya in October!