Monday, March 05, 2007

Make your own fun

So now that we have a hamster (yes another mouth to feed) we've made him part of the family. Today was his cleaning/feeding/running around day and the kids and I decided to have a photoshoot while we were at it (he wanted some photos for his blog). Matthew was wearing his hamster handling gloves while Sydney helped with some carrot treats.

Things were going smoothly until we got a little silly with some of the pictures (try to guess which ones!). We even tried some horror lighting for scary effects! Then Sydney arranged all the stuffed animals on the stairs to watch the show, turned on the Blues Clues music and Matthew started air guitaring. The big finish was an impression of a rock n' roll hamster which brought down the house!

The kids downloaded the images to the computer with me and helped with "recommendations" for the image processing. See if you can guess which ones they helped create. :)

It just goes to show that no matter what you are doing you can have fun with it. (Especially if you have two super kids with you.)

We even made a slideshow! Click here to view. (Slight warning associated with this one. There are two pictures that the kids insisted on putting in. They are slightly, well, evil looking - but they found them hilarious. You have been warned.)

Music from the slideshow is from Jack Johnson's album 'In Between Dreams'.


Nem said...

Adorable. Your family is just adorable!

Paul Laprise jr. said...

those are the cutest kids in town!