Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shaw Festival Brochure is out!

You might be wondering why I am so excited about The Shaw Festival's brochure. Well for one thing, The Shaw puts on excellent productions and should be experienced by all. Another reason is that our images are once again being featured in the brochure and website. Images featuring the region and people enjoying themselves were done by us.

This year we did a couple of extra photoshoots, including working with some of the actors at various restaurants, wineries and even biking downtown. We also enlisted the help of some friends and went on a 'shopping photoshoot' which was such fun. Of course we had to make a stop at the Chocolate Shop!

Here are a few images from the various shoots. Don't forget tickets go on sale soon at the Shaw - get yours before they are all sold out. A big thank you to all the models - you all were wonderful!

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Nemmy said...

Congrats, Chris!! Your photos are fantastic as usual and make me miss Niagara (and The Shaw) all the more!