Friday, October 12, 2007

Stacey & BJ

We had the pleasure of working with Stacey and BJ last month and had one of our best engagement sessions with them. We started out at Queenston Heights park and got some shots there, but the real fun came when we went back to their place out in the country, which also happened to have a vineyard in the backyard. We had a picnic basket too (thanks Amanda!) complete with grapes, crackers and of course - wine! Stacey and BJ hung out enjoying the treats while I found the perfect spot - which happened to be a few rows over. Turns out that crawling around on the ground under the vines was a quick way for me to get dirty, but we got some great shots so it as worth it!

Thanks Stacey and BJ, you guys were amazing to work with. Oh, and we also submitted some of the images of Stacey and BJ in the vineyard to the Shaw Festival for their marketing materials. If all goes well we might be seeing Stacey and BJ in a million copies of the 2008 brochure!

Click here for Stacey and BJ's engagement slideshow.

Enjoy the images!

Brushing up on their dancing.

Didn't Amanda do a great job on the basket?

Now this is the life!

How cute are they?

Off for a little stroll.

This was really cool. They wanted to get some shots of their dog too, but he was reallly excited so we played with him for a bit to tire him out a little. He was like a freight train going after that ball!

"I got it! I got it"

Isn't he gorgeous?

And the family shot.

Thanks again guys. Can't wait for the wedding!

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Anonymous said...

These photos are awesome! and looks like everyone had a great time...even Hampton.
It would be great to see their faces in the Shaw brochure.
I can't wait for the wedding day, and can only imagine how beautiful the photos of that special day will be.
Thanks for capturing Stacey and BJ in such wonderful photos....and I am sure having such a beautiful bride-to-be and the very handsome groom-to-be helped.
Love you Stacey and BJ!