Thursday, October 04, 2007

Adrienne & Jon

There are some days that are just made for weddings. Beautiful blue skies, glorious sunshine, a light breeze to refresh everyone throughout the day. It's almost like Mother Nature herself was at the wedding smiling in approval. Well, the weather is one thing, but you need a couple. And we couldn't have a better couple then Adrienne and Jon.

The ceremony took place at the picturesque Glencairn Golf Club in Halton Hills, overlooking the course. The fall leaves had just begun to turn and the setting was perfect. Adrienne arrived with her entourage of maid of honour Leah, flower girls and her parents, as Jon and his best man Dan mingled with guests as they arrived. The officiant leading the ceremony did a wonderful job and provided some great wedding traditions history that we'd never heard before.

After the ceremony the wedding party was rushed away in custom golf carts (built to seat 6) to the location for the photos which overlooked the tree-lined course. Sushi and drinks were served and we had a great time. Dan drove one of the carts and Amanda nervously commented that she was glad he's a doctor and could administer first aid if he drove us into a tree.

The reception was fantastic, complete with a putting range to get the happy couple to kiss. Adrienne and Jon are both doctors, so there was a large medical contingent present that night. At one point Jon and his buddies did a group shot and I heard someone behind me say "Wow! Look at all the degrees up there!"

Adrienne and Jon - looking through your pictures we were amazed at the love surrounding you on your special day. There was so much joy and happiness. This day was for you and the love you share. Congratulations and thank you for allowing us to be a small part of it.

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And of course, some photos!

Jon getting ready.

Jon was having some trouble, so Dan had to step in. Some grooms need more help then others....

Adrienne at the hotel. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Ta dah!

Adrienne's father just before the wedding was about to begin. I wonder what he was thinking?

The flower girls begin their walk.

Adrienne and her Dad, seconds before she is going outside.

These two pictures of Elizabeth and Kathleen are awesome. They are literally about to go out the door, and one of them looked up, two seconds later, in the exact same spot the other looked up. I almost melted the moment was so perfect.

The lovely Leah coming down the aisle.

One of the many magic moments of the day.

Out on the golf course. There was a great bridge - perfect for photos.

Amanda and I both love this shot. It is so not posed, no one is even looking at the camera, but it works! You can see the relationships between everyone, the fun, the happiness...And of course the background doesn't hurt either!

A quick walk down the path.

Love the over the shoulder look!

There is something poetic about this one.


Congratulations Adrienne and Jon!


Anonymous said...

I really think you should get a "facebook" page... I know so many people that would love to visit your site!!! Your doing a wonderful job, the pictures look great!!

Anonymous said...

Congrat Adrienne & Jon!

Love the wedding photos, you both look great!

All the best as you start a new page in life together!

Lisa Yu

Natalie Faria said...

These are great pictures Chris & Amanda! I agree, Adrienne & Jon were a fabulous couple to work for! All the best!

Natalie Faria
Ontario Wedding & Event Planners