Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Suddenly I see

A wonderful good morning to everyone! I am feeling particularly great today! As some of you know I went in for Laser Eye Surgery yesterday with the good people at Lasik Pro Vision in Niagara Falls under the care of the amazing Dr. Andrew Taylor.

Dr. Taylor and his staff were fantastic to work with. I had the procedure done yesterday afternoon and Amanda drove me home (I got to wear super cool goggles on the way home but wasn't supposed to drive). Things were a little blurry at first but even with the blurriness I noticed that things were more in focus. Later in the evening I really noticed a difference. I was able to look out my window and see things clearly accross the street. After only a few hours!

Today I feel great! My eyes are comfortable and I am able to see! I can't explain what it is like after 18 years of needing glasses or contacts to be able to see with my very own eyes. What an amazing gift! I am totally recommending Dr. Taylor and everyone at Lasik Provision in Niagara falls to everyone I know with glasses. We are actually going to be doing some photography for them next week, so I will post all about it then so everyone can see their great location and learn a little more about how it all works.

When we were in the waiting room (just before the surgery) we had a chance to meet with some of the other people who were having their eyes done. One was a firefighter from Thorold. He is only working part time now because he has glasses, but once the surgery is done he will be able to go to full time. We also met some people who had travelled quite a distance. There was someone from New York state and even someone who flew in from California. We asked the people from New York if there was any other places they could have gone to closer to them. They said that there were but they wanted to come to Dr. Taylor because they had heard that he was the best. Isn't that incredible?

Thank you Dr. Taylor and his staff. I'm sure we will be talking about them more next week once we've done the photosession. In the meantime I wanted to give everyone a sense of the before and after experience from my point of view.

Here is a shot I took in Alberta a few years ago. This is roughly what I could see before without my glasses on. Notice that I could faintly see the rocks which were close (I was nearsighted) and the rest was a blur. I could tell that there was a mountain, trees and a lake but really had no idea about any of the details.

And here is what it would look like to me today - with no glasses!

If anyone has any questions about the procedure let me know. This is definitely the kind of thing that I need to pass on to those who are interested. Shoot me an email or post a comment if you have any questions.

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Nem said...

Yup, that's about as well as I see without my glasses too. I will definitely ask more about your experience some day, but first I have a wedding and a house to pay for! :D Remember to donate your glasses to charity! ;)