Sunday, February 11, 2007

Looking back...

One of the great things about images is the inherent power they have. I've been spending a little time looking over our image files from last year. And it is amazing how often just looking at an image taken months ago, can remind you of the thoughts and feelings of the moment. Almost instantly. It's like there is a switch in your brain that flicks on. And the memories come flooding back.

I had this happen tonight as I looked at some images that we did for a friend of ours. The images were of Rachel and her two adorable kids. As I looked through the shots of them I remembered their laughter, their exuberance and all the fun we had. Images are so powerful. And doesn't Rachel look fantastic!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Yes I do look fantastic! It just goes to show you how talented you are Chris. Although I am sure my kids did not need as much touch up work as I did!!! HA
Thank you for making Natasha and Eric so comfortable in your studio. They had a great time and my wall at home looks amazing with their photos. I will also never forget that day! We owe it all to Chris and Amanda!