Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jory and Adam!

What an awesome night with Jory and Adam! We met them at the Niagara Fallsview Casino last night for a very cool evening and fun engagement session. It really felt like a double date with old friends.

They are way too cute and sooo sweet. We started our night with dinner at The Famous and it was so great getting to know them better. After dinner we wandered around the Galleria then ducked outside for some cool night shots. It was freezing out and it was adorable to watch them cuddle up to each other.

We were all turning into popsicles so it was back inside for some more fun by the fountain and at The Famous. I just love how cute Jory and Adam were sharing a strawberry shake at the counter! Special thanks to everyone at The Famous for helping make it a perfect night.

I think some of the best shots were right before we said goodbye. Everyone was totally relaxed (although shivering) in front of the casino. The lights and fountains were such a romantic backdrop.

Thanks for a great night guys! We hope you love the pictures and can't wait to get together again.



Anonymous said...

The pictures look great so far. I can't wait to see the rest of them. I must look like her...she's pretty. thats my sis! I can't wait for the wedding pictures. I wish them sll the best for a day that we've dreamed about our whole lives. Love you guys

Love Amanda Flintoft

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and Amanda,

We had so much fun with you guys. We really have to do that again, minus you two taking pictures. The pictures look great so far and we cannot wait to see the rest.
On top of getting our engagement photos done, we really enjoyed spending time with the two of you. You are wonderful people.
Thank you for making us so comfortable because not too many people enjoy getting their pictures done.
We also cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you as you truly are amazing!!!
Thanks Again!
Jory and Adam

Anonymous said...

You guys look great. I think the slide show is fantastic. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures (especially since I'm part of the wedding party lol). You guys are the best!