Sunday, November 05, 2006

Adam and Jory slideshow

After we posted a couple of Adam and Jory's pictures the other day we got some great feedback from them and from Jory's sister Amanda (who's wedding we did in July). Here is a shot of Amanda (my Amanda), Jory and Adam in front of the fountain at the Casino in Niagara Falls. What a great time we had!

What better way to intro their slideshow then with their comments. Thanks guys, enjoy the show.
Jory & Adam's slideshow

Jory & Adam's comments:
Hi Chris and Amanda,

We had so much fun with you guys. We really have to do that again, minus you two taking pictures. The pictures look great so far and we cannot wait to see the rest.
On top of getting our engagement photos done, we really enjoyed spending time with the two of you. You are wonderful people.
Thank you for making us so comfortable because not too many people enjoy getting their pictures done.
We also cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you as you truly are amazing!!!

Thanks Again!
Jory and Adam 5:41 PM

Amanda's comments (Jory's sister)
The pictures look great so far. I can't wait to see the rest of them. I must look like her...she's pretty. thats my sis! I can't wait for the wedding pictures. I wish them all the best for a day that we've dreamed about our whole lives. Love you guys

Love Amanda Flintoff 4:52 PM


Debbie Johnston said...

Hi Chris and Amanda,
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and yet once again, you have left me speechless. I still cry when I look at Amanda and Rob's engagement and wedding pictures...and now the tears are flowing once again as I look at Jory and Adam's engagement pictures. The way in which you have captured the love they feel for each other; it is like the pictures were taken through my heart. They truly captured the love I see as a mother. You two are truly amazing and I look forward to hearing and seeing great things about you in the future; and we will be able to say, "We knew them when..." I am so looking forward to Jory and Adam's wedding next June and please know that the two of you are more than just the photographers... you have become almost like part of the family and are considered to be very specials guests of the wedding. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us. Hope to see you soon.
Deb Johnston (mother of the Brides)

Jim Stamatiadis said...

Amanda & Chris,

Very nice slideshow. The couple looks like they had a lot of fun. I love the shots of them sharing the mlkshake and the ones outside with the fountains and blue-light background.

Good job.

Jim Stamatiadis (Windsor) said...

Hi Chris and Amanda,
Well, you've done it again. I still cry when I look at Mandy and Rob's engagement and wedding photos and now the tears are flowing again as I watch Jory and Adam's engagement slide show. It was like you were looking at them through my heart for you captured the love that can only be seen through a mother's eyes. We look forward to the wedding next June and your presence there, not only as the photographers, but as very special guests of the family. Great Job!!!!
Deb Johnston (Mother of the Brides)