Friday, January 14, 2011

Some holiday photos - skating and doggies!

Greetings everyone. Over the holidays this little blog has been undeservedly ignored. Let's remedy that situation! Here are a few photos from the holidays.

We were away in the Kingston area over the holidays, and driving north we came across one of our favourite lakes. We often come here in the spring and go for walks and let the dogs play in the water. But when you are there in the cold of winter, the lake is frozen solid! There were people there ice fishing and flying these cool wind kites while wearing states, which would then pull them around the ice. The next day we came back with a shovel (this was right after the big snowfall), found a patch of ice and cleaned off a patch which we used for staking and sliding. The kids, the dog and I had a great time - but man was it cold! Above is Sydney staking by herself and staying upright - way to go Syd!

We couldn't get over how much of the lake had frozen. Here is Matthew laying on the ice that we had cleared, with the lake going on behind him in the distance. If he was there in the summer, he'd be sinking right now.

We made some paths to follow around our ice rink. Here Sydney carefully navigates around the corner and back to the centre. Still not falling!

Matthew didn't have any skates, but that didn't stop him from sliding. He would get a running start, then....slide.....!

Nice slide! I won't mention that at the end of this slide he hit a rough patch and fell. Oh, wait, did I just mention that...ooops!

What a fun day! Thanks guys!

Here is our new addition Bella. She arrived to us in October and has been keeping us busy ever since. In this photo she is about 7 weeks old. Adorable!

And here is Bella just before Christmas. Some people (and I won't mention who, but you know who you are), like to dress up dogs in cute hats. I think it's fine in moderation, as long as you don't make them wear them for too long. Bella had this hat off in about 20 seconds. I do admit though...she's pretty cute!

And not to be outdone, here is our other little dogie Gibbes, in his Christmas chef hat.

Sydney wanted to get into the hat action too! Looking good guys!

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