Thursday, December 17, 2009

Annie & Mike - Engagement Slideshow and Pictures!

Annie and Mike are fantastic and fun! A great engagement session even though the ground was a little wet at times, Mike kept Annie entertained and laughing. Enjoy the images and slideshow!

This is right at the start. We were figuring out what we should do, and before I knew it, Mike was coming up with his own ideas and doing them with or without the rest of us! It was great! You can see that Annie doesn't quite know what he is doing and is very entertained by him.

So many laughs! Hahahahaha!

A quiet moment.


Ahhh....the fountain. Mike's favourite part of the day. Here they are doing statues.

Here Annie is in hysterics. I wonder what Mike is doing now?

Woah! He is attempting a one-footed stance while balancing on wet cement. Wait, I think he is attempting something else...lets take a closer look...

No way! He's going for the "catch a droplet on the tongue"! Incredible! And what a look of fierce determination in his eyes!

Thanks for a great session! See you at the wedding!

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