Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Indira & Ryan - Engagement

We had a wonderful time with Indira and Ryan on their engagement session! They were really great to work with. We had lots of fun at the botanical gardens in Niagara Falls, then went down to lake Ontario to catch the last light of the setting sun. Ryan even learned to "dip" Indira and got it perfect on his second try!

Anyone wishing to pre-register to view their wedding pictures can do so by clicking here.

Thanks for a great night you guys! See you at the wedding! Until then enjoy the pictures!

These guys were so much fun! Indira has such a great smile and laugh, and Ryan is an expert at getting both to happen.

Fabulous footwear!

There's that laugh and smile!

This one is definitely a favourite.

A wonderfully executed dip - excellent work you two.

Yes, dogs are permitted on our shoots.

What a cute family shot!

Ah love! So much fun! Can't wait for the wedding!

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