Monday, December 15, 2008


For a while now, we've been trying to figure out how to do what we love. I love meeting with photographers. I love meeting new people. I love connecting with old friends.

One of these people is Bryan Caporicci. I met Bryan about a year or so ago, and it's been great getting to know him. Within a few weeks, we had many discussions about photography, and business and wanted to find a way to connect with other local photographers. We knew a few in the area, and decided to go out and meet for coffee and chat. Since then, our small group has become WNP and grown, and we are now also leading the Pictage User Group meetings which we have once a month.

The reason that Bryan and I wanted to have these groups, is that we beleive that there is power in groups with a shared interest. People getting together, talking about things that they love is so exciting to be a part of! I love to learn new things, and know that you can never be done learning. I also know that I love to share what I've learned, so that others can benifit from either the experience I've gotten, or avoid the mistakes I've made. When we have our photographers group meetings, it is truly amazing.

But to be able to share, with an even wider group of people? That was a "someday" dream for us. To someday be able to reach out past our group. To affect people in a positive way. To help others to become even greater then they already are.

Well "someday" is now here. It's started with enLightenMe. We are going to put it all up there. Everything we can think of that would be useful to others in photography. You are going to see who we really are, what we think, and how we work. We are going to start slow, adding content week by week, and very soon, we are going to have a fantastic resourse for fellow photographers and passionate amatures alike.

It's sharing what we know, and helping others get where they want to be.

Check out enLightenMe today and in the days to come. It's going to be enlightening...!

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