Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tori & Brendan

Tori and Brendan are two people that we've known for a while. In a past life Tori and I worked at the Shaw Festival, and I met Brendan while playing in a rec volleyball league with Tori. They were also invited to Anemone and Mike's wedding in Mexico, so when the time came to decide where to do their engagement session Mexico seemed like a perfect choice!

We wanted to do something a little different, as 3 days earlier Anemone and Mike had done their engagement session at the resort we were staying at. Tori suggested going downtown to make things a little more 'urban' and I've got to say that it was a brilliant idea. There were great colours and architecture, and Tori and Brendan kept adding little things that were so 'them'. They had been taken dancing lessons back home, so on a couple of occasions you will see them dancing on the beach. I don't think the locals knew what to make of us. Me as the paparazzi following them around as they danced in the waves, while my capable volunteer assistant Luella carried camera bag, cameras and three sets of shoes, all while yelling things to me like "Chris - wave!" which was good, because without her eagle eyes, I was so caught up in getting the shots that I would have been submerged in the waves that kept coming up the shore. (Thanks Luella!)

It was a great time and we got some amazing pictures. I cannot wait for the wedding!

Click here to view Tori and Brendan's slideshow.

Enjoy the pictures!

PS - I wish we were all still there!


Nemmy said...

Chris - you captured them perfectly... I got all misty watching the slideshow. There's no need to wish to be back in Mexico, because seeing these photos brings me right back.

Fawn said...

Beautiful! What a wonderfully colourful country, isn't it? So many great pics, but I LOVE the orange walls! Is Brendan stepping on Tori's foot on the stairs, though?! ;)